Shiny Apps Gallery

This site contains presentations and Shiny apps produced by students in the QHELP seminars. For educational purposes, the source code is shown with the apps.

2022 Leuven Seminar

Shortening a Test for Skill Assessment (presentation)

Simulating Psychophysical Tasks (Shiny app)

Violating Assumptions in Parametric Statistical Testing (RMarkdown document including three Shiny apps)

Power Analysis Simulation (Presentation & Shiny apps)

Testing a Plagiarism Detection Tool (presentation)

Animated Learning Paths v3 (Shiny app)

Signal Detection Theory (presentation)


2021 Online Seminar

Golf-putting Model (Shiny app)

Modelling spending/learning predictive ability towards PISA scores: A learnr tutorial

Differential Evolution (Shiny app)

Local Search Visualisation (Shiny app)

KST: Working with Dataframes in R (presentation)

A Skill Map on Logistic Regressions (presentation)

Knowledge Structure on Properties of Relations (presentation)


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